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TRAPPED – Mystery at the Fur Post

The Mystery at the Fur Post returns this October for 2 nights of family-friendly fun! The evening kicks of at 7PM with an interactive mystery event at the Snake River Fur Post on Friday, October 27th OR Saturday, October 28th.

As a member of the Snake River Urban Explorers Club, you love exploring abandoned places. That is why tonight you have snuck onto the shores of Snake Island, a designated bird sanctuary where a crumbling fur post sits. However, you quickly realize the island is NOT abandoned! There are strange people in masks, lights glowing from the ruined buildings, and a curious fog creeping over the island. What is going on here? Are you in danger? Can you use your talents for exploring to unmask these figures, expose their deeds, and find a way off the island? If not, you might end up TRAPPED!

Cost is $12.50 per person, $10 for MNHS members. Advanced purchase of tickets online is advised.