Join the Chamber

Any person, association, corporation, partnership or organization having an interest in the objectives of the Pine City Area Chamber of Commerce shall be eligible to apply for membership.  Membership is  renewed annually on January 1st of each year.  Those wishing to join the Chamber mid-year will be charged a pro-rated dues amount in order to begin receiving benefits.

An annual membership sticker is provided to each dues-paid Chamber member for display in their place of business.  We encourage businesses to display this with pride and patronize other Chamber Member businesses as well.

Your Commitment as a Chamber Member:

  • Pay your membership dues or other invoices promptly.
  • Attend Chamber-sponsored meetings and events when your schedule allows.
  • Stay informed by reading newsletters, emails and other communications.
  • Provide feedback on Chamber services and programs.
  • Get involved with committees, task forces and special events as your schedule allows.
  • Support other members by doing business with them.
  • Promote a positive attitude toward the Chamber and greater Pine City community.
  • Provide a supply of business cards and promotional flyers or brochures to the Chamber.
  • Support the activities of the Chamber in ways that work for your specific business.  These may include:
    ~  Financial contribution as a sponsor for one or more of the Chamber events
    ~  Gift certificate or gift basket donation for use as Silent Auction or Raffle prizes for a Chamber event

Once your application form is completed, our staff will contact you with information on the Membership Dues amount needed to move your application from prospective to active. Once your dues amount has been paid, your business listing will be live and you can begin enjoying the benefits of membership with the Pine City Area Chamber of Commerce.