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Stories & Solutions to Rural Challenges

Community leaders are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of GPS 45:93 on Friday, September 22nd at the Braham Event Center.

Join Deb Brown as she shares stories from other communities on how they are addressing challenges like housing, attracting residents, workforce and innovative rural business models. Start with improving the quality of life for the locals and attract tourists and new residents. Hear solutions to rural challenges you can put into use right away in your town.

Deb Brown brings a lifetime of experience in business and supporting businesses, from small towns to large cities. She grew up in a town of 141 people, Geneva, Iowa. She collects and shares stories, practical advice and real world examples of how people are changing their small towns and creating a brighter future for their residents. She is the co-founder of SaveYour.Town.

Registration Deadline has been extended to Friday, September 15th. Use this link to complete your online registration.

This event is sponsored by GPS 45:93, a regional economic development partnership that includes members from five counties in East Central Minnesota. Each member is dedicated to capitalizing on the strengths that come from being an alliance and working together.  We act as a conduit for businesses to access resources; help prospective businesses connect and find educational opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them; and provide a regional approach to workforce development and business retention.