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Greater Pine Area Endowment Seeks Community Input

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Earlier this spring the Advisory Team members for the Greater Pine Area Endowment met to review the most recent round of applications.  While there were many worthy projects for review, the team felt like there had to be more great ideas to benefit the community that weren’t making their way to an organization to coordinate and submit a grant application.

This idea started some brainstorming among the team members, a phone call to the Initiative Foundation, and some research for a similar idea launched by another community foundation in the Staples, MN area.   Earlier this week saw the first discussion of the “What’s Your Big Idea” challenge for Pine City via facebook and in just a few short days there are already over 20 idea submissions.

GPAE welcomes all community members to submit their “Big Idea” through the online form submission available HERE.   It isn’t enough to just say we need “X” to happen in Pine City…. we want to know WHY you think that idea is worth pursuing for the community and how Pine City will benefit from it happening.

The deadline for submitting your ideas is Tuesday, July 31st at Midnight.

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The Greater Pine Area Endowment Fund was created in 1992 as a component fund of the Initiative Foundation to develop community resources and to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families in the Pine City area.  The GPAE funds have been established to provide financial resources for the needs of the greater Pine area within the physical boundaries of the Pine City School District 578.