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City Seeks Interest in Housing Developers

The City of Pine City is interested in developing the former Pine City Feed Mill site, which is located in the City’s Mixed-Use district just one block from the Core Downtown area, into housing with potential for mixed-use. 

The buildings were demolished in September 2018 as part of a court-ordered condemnation due to blight and public safety issues.  During this process the city has convened a committee to help research the community needs and possible opportunities that this parcel could provide.

housing market demand study was completed in March 2020 by Maxfield Research, Inc. to help the City determine what type of housing demand could be addressed by the redevelopment of this site. The results of the study were presented to the Pine City HRA and City Council in April 2020. In May, the City released a Request for Proposal to find an interested and qualified developer to redevelop the site.

The City of Pine City website has additional information regarding this project and interested parties are encouraged to contact Lezlie Sauter, Community Development Director, with questions or needs. The deadline for submission of proposals is November 2, 2020.