Women’s Self Defense Class at PTCC

This 3-hour workshop will equip you with a systematic and practical method of self-defense against Weapons, Kicks, Punches, Grabs and Tackles, referred to as the Deadly Five. You will leave this training with a whole new level of self-awareness and self-confidence knowing you can survive the Deadly Five.

Topics include:

  • Discovering and using the body’s 12 weapons
  • The Streetlight Analogy of Self-Awareness – Know when to act!
  • Fun ways to practice and remember your skills
  • The role of daily physical activity

Registration cutoff is 2 weeks prior to each class start date.

Cost is $40 per person.

Use this link to register: https://mnscu.rschooltoday.com/public/getclass/category_id/1431/program_id/53

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