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Snow Angels Project

A new community service project is launching in Pine City this month with a goal to reach individuals and/or families in need of some help during this holiday season.

The Snow Angels Project is a program designed to spread holiday cheer to our local community. As a non-profit service group, 100% of any donations received will be used directly for the cause.

Here is how the program works:
Community members will be invited to nominate local families or individuals living within a ten mile radius of Pine City. The nominated families or individuals should fit into one of three different categories.

  1. A family or individual that could use a basket of food during the holiday season.
  2. A family or individual that could use a snack basket during the holiday season.
  3. A family or individual that would just like someone to visit with for a while that maybe doesn’t receive much company during the holiday season.

The Snow Angels project is connecting with local youth groups from area churches as well as adult volunteers that would serve as delivery and/or visitors for those nominated familys. If you would like to nominate, donate, or help in any way, you can reach Jeremiah Mohr at 320-428-3643 or at