Community Event

The “Amazing Race” returns to Freedom Fest

The 2019 Freedom Fest weekend begins next Wednesday, June 26th and runs through Sunday, June 30th. The 5-day schedule includes a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy exploring the community. You can find a full line-up of events on our website on the Freedom Fest page on our website.

We have one event that requires some precision in advance planning, so all teams interested in competing, must be registered by next Wednesday, June 26th…. and that is the “Amazing Race” – Pine City style.

Perhaps you are a fan of the CBS reality show and I’ve caught your attention? No… we aren’t flying teams around the globe… and we aren’t awarding a trip to some exotic location for the first place finisher… but we are preparing for some good old-fashioned fun!

The basic concept for the Amazing Race is that teams of 3-4 members (plus a driver if they choose) follow clues to get them to each of the destination locations around Pine City. At each location they must complete a task in order to move on to the next location.

New teams are always welcome! Contact Becky (320.322.4040) with any questions you might have…. but get your team signed up by next Wednesday, June 26th.