Community Event

Big Thank You to Our Amazing Volunteers

The last 5 days have seen many wonderful community events happening throughout Pine City… and in most cases they are made possible through the work of volunteers.  Coordinating the annual Freedom Fest weekend begins in January each year as we gather the committee together and start planning our fundraising, event line-up, and marketing plan for the big weekend.  Before the Freedom Fest weekend arrives, most of the participating organizations have put in 20 – 40 hours of planning for the “Big Day”… and with over 25 organizations involved in Freedom Fest, we know that there are likely over 100 people donating a few hours of their day to make this event a success each year.

So… if you enjoyed an activity as part of the Freedom Fest weekend this year, be sure to take the time to thank the volunteers and businesses that contribute funds for this amazing event.  We also welcome new organizations to consider joining us for next year!  There are many ideas of things that we can add to the day…. we just need the volunteers to help make them happen!

Freedom Fest Thank You