Chamber Event

Fueling Growth Online: Getting Found & Making Sales

Small Small Business (SSB) has been helping small businesses throughout rural Minnesota, including Pine County. Among the many struggles facing most businesses is perhaps, the most critical: the need for an effective online presence. Some businesses don’t realize they need it; some know they need it but it’s too intimidating; some believe it will be just too expensive. 

SSB has built dozens of websites in recent months and wants to help the members of the Pine City Area Chamber gain a better understanding of the benefits. A number of experts will participate in this ‘Network to Learn’ event.

  • Steve Fredlund (Executive Director) will provide some background on SSB including partnerships with Pine City, Pine County, and the Chamber.
  • Stev Segner (Business Coach) will share perspectives from his experience helping local businesses.
  • Liz Miller (Online Presence Management Expert) will also talk about working with local businesses, sharing stories from the marketing and website support she provided to businesses in Pine County.
  • Mark Praschan (Website Builder) will dig deeper into the need for a website and why it’s not as hard or expensive as many business owners think to get a quality website and effective presence.

The team will leave time at the end of the sesion for Q&A. This will be a high-energy, effective use of your time and we hope you will join us.

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