Business Resources

Grants Available for Pine County Businesses, Deadline Feb 5th

Pine County businesses and non-profits impacted by the pandemic can apply to receive financial assistance to help with expenses incurred during the pandemic.

Eligible businesses:
• Business or non-profit with a physical presence in Pine County
• $10,000 of revenue in 2019 or 2020
• Documented financial hardship

Eligible expenses:
• Mortgage or rental payments
• Communication or enforcement of public health orders such as signage and markings for social distancing measures.
• Utility Payments – electric, gas, sewer, water, trash removal
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees or customer use, including sanitizing products, masks, face shields, gloves, etc.
• Vehicle and equipment lease or rental payments for items rented that were unable to be used due to business interruption
• Costs of perishable inventory disposal (those that have a limited shelf life) due to impacts from Emergency Executive Orders
• Property/casualty and liability insurance
• Salaries/wages paid to employees
• Property Taxes

First priority will be given to businesses which experienced a 25% or greater reduction in gross business revenue. Second priority will be given to those businesses with less than a 25% reduction. Businesses which
did not have a reduction in gross revenue but were impacted by the pandemic will be lowest priority.

Maximum grant amounts will be based on the number of employees and range from $10,000 if no employees to $30,000 if 101 or more employees.

The application period will run until noon on February 5, 2021. The complete requirements and the application are available on Pine County’s web page

The program is funded by the State of Minnesota and is being administered by Pine County with assistance from the Initiative Foundation. Questions should be directed to Don Hickman 218-821-5623 or David Minke 320-591-1620.