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CMJTS Offers Retail Workshop for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you a new retailer who’s just starting out? Do you already have a well-established retail business, but are looking for ways to identify your target market, build your customer base and improve your margins? Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services, Inc., in conjunction with the Walmart Giving Foundation and Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership are offering half-day workshops to area retailers.

Sessions will include the following a more:
– Setting personal entrepreneurship goals.
– Creating a one, three, and five-year vision for your business.
– Identifying your customers.
– Determining your target marketplace (are you selling in-person, online, both).
– Deciding where to focus your energy.
– Finding your margin and knowing how to calculate it.
– Minimizing time-wasters.
– Getting the most bang for your hard-earned buck.
– Knowing which tools and metrics to use to track performance.
– Retaining customers.
– Reaching new audiences.
– Preparing your team to achieve your goals?
– Determining what you need today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year to be more successful.

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are not meant for multi-level marketing representatives, subcontractors, or franchises (i.e. Mary Kay, SeneGence, Maurices). These sessions are primarily focused on those selling goods and will not be as beneficial to service providers (i.e. massage therapists, financial advisers, website developers, graphic designers, photographers).